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Fall 2021 Schedule

Every other Friday (approximately), 2-3pm, Rm 108 (and on Zoom if requested)

That's it for this semester! Tune in next semester, when we'll talk about learning.

Spring 2021 Schedule
Tuesdays 3:00 -- 4:00pm (EST) on Zoom.
Meetings for spring semester are merged with Stony Brook Department of Linguistics

Date Title Speaker(s) Affiliation Files
2/9 Generalized FSA Jeff Heinz, Jon Rawski, Dakota Lambert Stony Brook
2/23 BMRS Primer Adam Jardine, Chris Oakden Rutgers handout
Chandlee & Jardine (2021). Recursive schemes for phonological analysis. pdf
Bhaskar, Chandlee, Jardine, & Oakden (2020). BMRSs as a logical characterization of the subsequential functions. pdf
3/2 BMRS Morphology Andrija Petrovic Stony Brook slides
Andrés (2014). Valencian hypocoristics: when morphology meets phonology. pdf
Andrés (2013). Morphological Epenthesis in Romance: A Case for Lexical Conservatism. download
Bachrach & Wagner (2007). Syntactically driven cyclicity vs. output-output correspondence. pdf
3/9 Vowel Harmony & Tutrugbu Eileen Blum Rutgers
McCollum, Bakovic, Mai, & Meinhardt (2019). Unbounded circumambient patterns in segmental phonology. lingbuzz
3/23 OT & Context-Sensitive Languages Andrew Lamont UMass
4/6 Atomic Properties of Stress Nate Koser Rutgers handout
4/20 Model Theory & Phonological Features Scott Nelson Stony Brook handout
4/27 Some(what) Logical Phonology Charles Reiss Concordia handout
5/4 Weak Determinism, Interaction, and BMRS Eric Baković, Eric Meinhardt UCSD
5/11 Order theory, ternary features, and phonological maps Eric Meinhardt UCSD

Fall 2020 Schedule
Fridays 3:00 -- 4:30pm (EST) on Zoom.
Meetings for fall semester are merged with Stony Brook Department of Linguistics

Date Topic Speaker(s) Affiliation Files
9/25 NDEB Transformations Scott Nelson Stony Brook handout
10/2 Subregular Waffle Dakota Lambert, Jon Rawski Stony Brook
10/16 Sour Grapes Eileen Blum Rutgers slides
Smith & Ohara (2019). Computational Complexity and Sour-Grapes-Like Patterns. pdf
Gainor, Lai, & Heinz (2012). Computational Characterizations of Vowel Harmony Patterns and Pathologies. pdf
Koser & Jardine (2019). The complexity of optimizing over strictly local constraints. pdf
10/23 Learning Biases Natasha Chemey Rutgers
Durvasula & Liter (2020). There is a simplicity bias when generalizing from ambiguous data. lingbuzz
10/30 Pregroup Grammar Semantics Brian Pinsky Rutgers
Coecke, Sadrzadeh & Clark (2010). Mathematical Foundations for a Compositional Distributional Model of Meaning. pdf
11/13 Code Switching

Magdalena Markowska, Qihui Xu

Stony Brook, CUNY slides

Summer 2020 Schedule
Thursdays 10:30 -- 11:30am (EST) on WebEx.

Date Topic Presenter Notes
6/25 PAC learning Huteng Video recap links: Part 1, Part 2
7/9 Bayesian learning Wenyue Reading, Supplementary Resources
HackMD Tutorial
7/23 Neural networks Eileen and Karen BERT Demo, BERT code
Video Recap, Online Book
8/6 Neural Nets with automata Jon Video Recap, RNN Github Repo
Reading Links: Nelson, et al. (2020), Merrill, et al. (2020), Rabusseau, Li, & Precup (2019)
8/20 Hidden Markhov Models Huteng Video Recap, Implementation (Jupyter Notebook)
Reading Links: Jurafsky & Martin (2019), Ch.A, Rabiner (1989)
Spring 2020 Schedule
Thursdays 1:30pm -- 2:30pm in 108, 18 Seminary Pl, unless otherwise noted
Date Topic Presenter Notes
2/13 BMRS and composition Chris 2-3pm
2/20 Open house practice Nate & Dine 2-3pm
2/27 No meeting; open house
3/5 PCFG and entropy reduction Brian 2-3pm
3/12 PLC practice talks Nick Danis Cancelled due to COVID-19
Shiori, Wenyue

Spring 2020 Meeting 1: The outlook and import of mathematical linguistics

To begin the semester with a review of the outlook and import of mathematical linguistics, Adam J. will summarize Jeff Heinz's recent talk at the Society for Computation in Linguistics on mathematical linguistics in the 21st century (slides available here)

This semester our MathLing meetings will be on Thursdays from 1:30pm to 2:30pm. The date and venue of our first meeting are below:

Date & Time: Jan 23rd, 2020 from 1:30pm to 2:30pm

Venue: Room 108 at 18 Seminary Pl, New Brunswick, NJ 08901 (Linguistics Department)

Fall 2019 Meetings

Theses meeting will be in room 204 from 11:30am to 12:30am at 1 Spring St, New Brunswick, NJ on Wednesdays, starting on September 4th.

MathLing this semester will be merged with our computational linguistics lab meetings, meaning that the meetings will be even more informal than usual, with one or more of us giving updates on our research (instead of reading and discussing papers).

This week, Adam will present on multitape automata, and everyone will get a chance to share what they're working on.

Spring 2019 Meeting 1 : Learning substitutable languages

In this meeting, we will continue the discussion on learning started last semester. The relevant reading for the meeting is Clark and Eyraud (2007) on learning substitutable languages, which can learn non-regular languages that can model some aspects of syntactic structure.
All are welcome!

Date & Time: Feb. 15, 2019 at 10am

Venue: Conference Room on 1 Spring St, New Brunswick, NJ 08901