Rutgers MathLing Group

This is an informal reading group for mathematical and computational linguistics discussions. We are affiliated with the Rutgers Department of Linguistics and the Rutgers Computational Linguistics Lab.

Faculty advisor: Adam Jardine
Student organizer: Dine Mamadou and Huteng Dai
Google drive folder (requires permission)

Welcome To Our Newest Members!

Our Computational and Mathematical Linguistics family is growing with our newest graduate members Natasha Chemey and Tatevik Yolyan (find their bios here), and faculty member Adam McCollum (find his personal website here). Welcome! and here’s to a lot of MathLing fun this academic year!

Upcoming Meeting : Fall Meeting 1 (Wed, Sep 4th)

This meeting will be in room 204 from 11:30am to 12:30am at 1 Spring St, New Brunswick, NJ on Wednesday, September 4th.

MathLing this semester will be merged with our computational linguistics lab meetings, meaning that the meetings will be even more informal than usual, with one or more of us giving updates on our research (instead of reading and discussing papers).

This week, Adam will present on multitape automata, and everyone will get a chance to share what they're working on.

Previous meetings

Spring 2019 Meeting 1: Learning substitutable languages

In this meeting, we will continue the discussion on learning started last semester. The relevant reading for the meeting is Clark and Eyraud (2007) on learning substitutable languages, which can learn non-regular languages that can model some aspects of syntactic structure.
All are welcome!

Date & Time: Feb. 15, 2019 at 10am

Venue: Conference Room on 1 Spring St, New Brunswick, NJ 08901