NECPhon 2019

Northeast Computational Phonology Circle 2019 (NECPhon 2019), hosted by the Rutgers Department of Linguistics and the Rutgers Computational Linguistics Lab.

Date and location

November 16, 2019
Academic Building Rm 1170
15 Seminary Pl, New Brunswick, NJ (map)


Time Speakers University Title
11:00 Lunch outside Room 1170
11:55 Opening Remarks
12:00 Jon Rawski Stony Brook Tensor Product Representations of Subregular Constraints [slides]
12:30 Wenyue Hua, Huteng Dai, & Adam Jardine Rutgers Subregular Learning of a Phonology and a Set of Underlying Forms [slides]
13:00 Break
13:15 Kyle Gorman CUNY Weird Inflects but OK: Making Sense of Morphological Generation Errors [abstract][slides]
13:45 Craig Thorburn, Naomi Feldman, and Schatz UMD A Quantitative Model of the Language Familiarity Effect [slides][pdf]
14:15 Break
14:30 Chris Yang and Kevin Ellis MIT On the effect of UR learning on the acquisition of phonological interactions [slides]
15:00 Ryan Budnick UPenn Word Segmentation as a Filter on Learnable Stress Systems [slides]
15:30 Cassidy Henry & Naomi Feldman UMD Evaluating Cross-Linguistic Harmonicity Across Multiple Features
16:00 Break Break
16:15 Spencer Caplan UPenn Now You Hear Me, Later You Don't: The Markovian Nature of Phonological Categorization [slides]
16:45 Chris Oakden, Adam Jardine, and Jane Chandlee Rutgers/Haverford Modelling Phonological Processes with Recursive Programs Schemes [slides]
17:15 Andrew Lamont UMass Nasal cluster dissimilation and tier-based strict locality [handout]
17:45 Closing Remarks and Business Meeting
18:00 Dinner(informal)


For crash space for grads, please contact Dine Mamadou (dine.mamadou (at)

There are two hotels close to campus, but they are on the expensive side:


Unfortunately, there is no free parking near campus. Metered parking can be found throughout New Brunswick, but we suggest the following garage.